New York State Assembly Graded on their Environmental Votes

89 Assemblymembers receive scores of 95% or above

Albany – Today, Environmental Advocates Action (EA Action) released its 2022 Environmental Scorecard for the State Assembly, which reports the environmental voting records of all New York State Assemblymembers on legislation found to have a positive or negative impact on New York’s environment. The Scorecard also contains bill information, and the previous year’s score of elected officials.

The Scorecard is being released as voters are getting ready to vote in Assembly primary elections. A Scorecard that looks at the New York State Senate votes will be released later in the summer.

Peter M. Iwanowicz, executive director of Environmental Advocates Action said, “As this Scorecard clearly shows, the Assembly majority has a strong commitment to improving the health and environment of New York. With over 89 members receiving a score of 95% or better along with the fact that no “smokestack rated” bill came to the floor for a vote, the Assembly is providing the leadership New York’s environment needs.”

2022 Assembly Session Highlights

This year, the Assembly championed measures that:

  • Protects streams and wetlands to ensure that wildlife has protected habitats and that all New Yorkers can have access to clean water
  • Addresses the climate crisis by:
    • Cutting energy waste in our homes and business with new codes and standards for appliances.
    • requires all vehicles, including the state’s fleet to be electric no later than 2035; and.
    • Putting a moratorium on the conversion of shuttered power plants to cryptocurrency “mining” facilities.
  • Reduces solid waste by supporting recycling programs and requiring carpet manufacturers to take their products back instead of being disposed in a landfill or burned in an incinerator

Key scores:

Speaker Carl Heastie—100%

Minority Leader Will Barclay—34%

Chair of Committee on Environmental Conservation Steve Englebright—98%

Chair of Committee on Energy Michael Cusick—88%

Chair of Committee on Agriculture Donna Lupardo—95%

Chair of Committee on Transportation—William Magnarelli—100%